The theme for 2018 year´s NJORD Biennale was NORDIC NOIR
NORDIC NOIR is a concept especially well-known in literature and cinema. In the context of NJORD Biennale the theme is present in the following three interpretations:   

  • NORDIC NOIR meaning the underlying, the eerie, the unknown.
  • NORDIC NOIR meaning the meditative, mindfulness, looking inwards, contemplation.
  • NORDIC NOIR meaning the impact of the dark, Nordic winter landscapes, which is also the setting for the Biennale

NJORD Biennale 2018 presented ghost stories for children, visuals and sound art, contemplative classic concerts and songs that reflect this multi-facetted theme. 

NJORD Biennale focuses on cross-artistic collaborations between a range of art forms. The biennale not only features cross-artistic meetings between music and visual art but also focuses on the meeting between poerty and music. We present existential poems written by some of the greatest Nordic authors, poems that help us reflect on life. Sometimes this poetic reflection is mirrored by images of nature, sometimes in metaphors created by music, or the poems and the questions they pose are recontextualized through music. Reflection and contemplation are thus recurring motifs at NJORD Biennale 2018.   

We are delighted to welcome celebrated, Icelandic composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir as our composer-in-residence in 2018. Anna Thorvaldottir's poetic music reflects many aspects of NORDIC NOIR. We look forward to presenting her works in various artistic constellations with other composers as well as with visuals, poetry and other art forms. 

NJORD | 30. jan – 02. feb 2020 | København

NJORD er Københavns biennale for ny, nordisk kunstmusik. Biennalen samler i 2018 en række komponister, musikere, visuelle kunstnere, digtere, instruktører o.a. i nordiske samarbejder omkring en række tværkunstneriske projekter.